integrating technology in the elementary curriculum

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Free Software

Mr. Needleman says...

Teachers are so used to spending (their own) money on everything that they may not realize that there is some good quality software that is absolutely free!

This is software that you have probably never heard of (because they spend no money on advertising) but many times it is as good as the brand-name software.

The free software is called Open Source.

What is Open Source Software? Why is it free?

Before the computer industry became a billion dollar business, all software was free. Someone would create software, share the programming code, and allow others to make improvements upon the orginal design. This model, dubbed Open Source, still exists today.

What's Available?

Web Design Software. A viable free alternative to Dreamweaver called NVU. Download NVU here.

Kid Pix free alternative, Tux Paint. Download Tux Paint it here.

Microsoft Office free alternative: Download Neo Office (Mac only)

Microsoft Office free alternative: Open Office (PC Only)

Abi Word -- Word Processing for everyone Download Abi Word

Video Player (VLC) Download VLC here

Photoshop Alternative Gimp

online photo editing FlauntR

Drawing Program Alternative Inkscape

iMovie Alternative

Course Management Software: Moodle

this will normalize the voices in a podcast so none are too loud or soft

Stop Motion Animation PC Only

Free Mind Mapping Software

Celestia -- free software which simulates space travel (awesome)

Steallarium -- free Planetarium software for your computer

Watch free television online (Democracy) (some of it may be educational)

Juice allows you to download internet radio programs via a timer


More Open Source Software Available for the Mac


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