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Who created these resources?

This web site was created by Mathew Needleman with contributions from teachers across the country.

Mr. Needleman is not the publisher of the Open Court Reading Program.

Visitors are are encouraged to contribute resources.

Read more about Mathew Needleman.

What resources will I find here?

Resources vary by grade level. Look around and you will find powerpoints, lesson plans, chants, picture files, links, writing templates, student work samples, photos, and more. This site also features a complete high frequency word teaching system and the Open Court Discussion Board. Sometimes resources for one grade level or unit will work for another and most resources are easily adaptable for teachers using other language arts programs. When possible, resources for Open Court editions 2000 and 2002 and included.

Open Court is the largest collection of free teacher created Open Court Resources on the internet. We have resources for all grade levels pre-K-6. We have a lot of content which is exclusive to our site as well as external links.

Use the search box to find specific resources.

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Why did Mathew Needleman create this site?

Mathew created the site as a way of transferring first grade files from his home to school computer and back again. It quickly became a way of sharing Open Court Resources with other teachers at his school and later the broader internet community. The idea of the site is that if teachers share resources they are creating in their classrooms, there is less prep time involved for everyone.

Are all the resources here free?

Yes. All resources are free and advertiser supported. However, copyrights are maintained by the original authors. You may use these resources in your classroom but you must credit the original authors and this web site. You may not download resources and then distribute them elsewhere on the web without the express written permission of Mathew Needleman. This web site itself is protected by copyright.

See acceptable use policy.

Can I contribute resources?

Yes. The site continues to grow thanks to visitor contributions. You will maintain copyright for your work and will receive credit. Your work will be made available online for the benefit of you, your students, and other teachers. Please use the submit resources link to contribute resources.

What edition of Open Court are you using?

Every attempt has been made to make this page compatible with both Open Court 2000, Open Court 2002, and eventually Open Court 2005. Resources will vary by grade level. Most resources can be adapted for any edition of OCR and even other reading series.

Can you give me advice on teaching Open Court?

Yes. However, please look around the site before asking your question and please post your questions about teaching Open Court on the Open Court Discussion Board so that everyone can benefit from the answers. You will, no doubt, receive an answer from me or one of the many innovative teachers on the active board. Due to the large volume of e-mail received Mr. Needleman cannot respond to individual e-mails asking for Open Court advice.

Do you do provide professional development?

Yes. Mathew Needleman, site webmaster, does conduct professional development in the Los Angeles area. Please contact Mathew Needleman for more information.

Can you send information about purchasing the program or sound/spelling cards?

No, Mathew Needleman is not the publisher of the Open Court Reading Program (see "About the Webmaster"). Please contact SRA/Mc-Graw Hill directly about purchasing the program. Inquiries regarding where to purchase Open Court materials will be ignored.

I have a suggestion...

Please report technical problems, send resources, or links to to Mathew Needleman.

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all contributed resources maintain the copyrights of the original authors
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