Open Court Theme:

Grade 2 - Unit 5 - Courage

Available Resources for Courage Unit:

Blog (tips for teaching the Open Court Reading Program)

Cause and Effect:

Cause and Effect Book
Hole in the Dike Cause and Effect by Octavia Hamilton


Common Core

Concept Question Board

Crossword Puzzles

Discussion Board (ask a question, network with other OCR teachers)

Favorite Unit Books/Videos

General Open Court Resources (not grade level specific)

Grammar, Usage, Mechanics:

Grammar Worksheets—Whole Unit by Brittney Male
Grammar Posters by Brittney Male


Independent Work Time:

Courage Independent Work Time Activities by Juliet
Independent Work

Integrating Technology

Lesson Plans

Links for Research

Literacy Coaches



Parent Resources

Picture File


Recommended Literature

Reader's Theater

Related Open Court Units:

Response to Intervention (RTI) Resources


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Fluency Timer for iPhone/iPad

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Study Guides by Tammy Quinn

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