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Grade 2 - Unit 3 - Courage

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Powerpoint: What Is Courage? from Harding Elementary

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Step by Step Courage Unit Opener by Sarah Weininger, Saturn St. School

Fear Factor
Submitted by:
D. Noah
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The students are challenged to show courage by doing things such as placing their hand into a bowl of macaroni and cheese, singing solo in front of the class, eating green eggs and ham, or touching a tarantula. They then discuss how they showed courage and the thinking process behind bravery.

Fearful Situations Skits
Submitted by:
Mathew Needleman
Stefani Rosenberg

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Present students with scenarios in which they might need to show courage. Ask students to act out the situations and then discuss or simply discuss situations with students. Relate scenarios to theme of courage. Download fear scenarios.

We Can Be Heroes
Submitted by:
Mathew Needleman
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Students trace outlines of their bodies on butcher paper and then design themselves as super heroes. They can choose a super hero costume but most importantly they will write about how they will show courage either by labeling their body with specifics (for example, legs won't shake when I'm nervous, hands will shake other people's hands) or as a separate assignment.

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