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Grade 3 - Unit 1 - Friendship

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Powerpoint Presentation from Harding Elementary


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To activate students' prior knowledge, I displayed a T-Chart. I labeled one side-What friendship looks like; the other side, What friendship doesn't look like. Read the title, list responses, and discuss (Do one side at a time). Display the T-Chart in the middle of the C/Q board. Read and discuss the Unit Opener, add any new concepts and questions about Friendship to the C/Q board. Also, to get the students involved in the C/Q board, I brought in pictures of my friends and shared them with my students. I also brought in poems and articles about friends. I displayed these items on the C/Q board. The next day, the students were eager to share their pictures, poem, etc. with the class. After sharing, they posted their items on the C/Q board.

Pen Pals

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Lourdes Paz
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As I contacted another third grade teacher from a local school. We agreed to set up class pen pals. The students were so excited to hear that we would be writing monthly letters to other students from another third grade class. This added to their joy for letter writing and was a perfect opportunity to make new friends. When they read these letters they are amazed that their new friends are very similar to them and are studying the same units. Many of them plan to share phone numbers. This must be with the permission on their parents of course. Because our pen pals are from the neighborhood school they hope to meet soon.

Enemy Pie

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Jose Rodriguez
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The last couple of years I have started the Friendship unit by watching - Enemy Pie by Derek Munson on http://www.storylineonline.net/ as an extension this year I was planning on students creating a "Friendship Pie" where on each of the slices the student writes the down the qualities you find in a true friend.


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For Angel Child Dragon Child, the ESL teacher brought in an empty matchbox
and a picture of pajamas.

For Teammates, I showed a clip of Jackie Robinson playing baseball from the

Friendship Bracelets

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Students work together to make friendship bracelets. The shared experience gives them richer language and experience to use when creating the Concept Question Board and throughout the unit.


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