Open Court Theme:

Grade 5 - Unit 5
New Frontiers - Going West

Available Resources for Going West/New Frontiers Unit:

Background for Teachers

(tips for teaching the Open Court Reading Program)


Westward Expansion Bugaloo
Pioneer Song

Common Core

Comprehension Questions (2002) by Pamela Von Eschen

Concept Question Board

Discussion Board
(ask a question, network with other OCR teachers)

Fluency Timer for Mac OS

General Open Court Resources (not grade level specific)

Independent Work

Integrating Technology

Podcats of Class Discussions of Bill Pickett by Alice Mercer

Lesson Plans

Links for Research and Inquiry

Literacy Coaches



Pictures/Primary Sources


Reader's Theater

Recommended Literature

Response to Intervention (RTI) Resources

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Reading Remedies for iPod/iPad

Fluency Timer for iPhone/iPad

Spelling Lists/Activities

Study Guides

Sacagawea Study Guide by Francie Kugelman
Sacagawea Point of View by Francie Kugelman

Unit Openers

Vocabulary Activities

Word Knowledge:

Word Knowledge Boards 2000
Word Knowledge Boards 2002-2005

Writing Activities


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