Open Court Theme:

Grade 6 - Beyond the Notes

Comprehension Questions:

What Is Orchestra by Jessica Alvarado

The Nightingale by Jessica Alvarado

Aida by Jessica Alvarado

Ray and Mr. Pit by Jessica Alvarado

The Man Who Wrote the Messiah by Jessica Alvarado

Concept Question Board:

Online Concept Question Board Using VoiceThread by Alice Mercer

Integrating Technology:

Powerpoint Lesson Plans by Charlene Liao

Links for Research:

Books About Music for Kids

Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kids

Orchestra Music, Fun & Games!

National Music Museum

New York Philharmonic

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Lesson Plans

Sound Junction


Powerpoints & Lesson Plans by Charlene Liao

What Is An Orchestra by Perfeilia Zohnie

The Nightingale by Perfeilia Zohnie

Aida by Perfeilia Zohnie

Aida by Carol Harms

Sound of Flutes by Perfeilia Zohnie

Sound of Flutes by Carol Harms

Ray and Mr. Pitt by Perfeilia Zohnie

Ray and Mr. Pitt by Carol Harms

Beethoven Lives Upstairs by Perfeilia Zohnie

The Man Who Wrote Messiah by Perfeilia Zohnie


Reading Remedies for iPod/iPad

Fluency Timer for iPhone/iPad

Submit Resources:

Submit Resources

Unit Opener Ideas:

More Unit Opener Ideas New!


Musical Era Webquest

The Quest for a new World Instrument

I Want to Play in the Orchestra!

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