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Kindergarten - Unit 3C
Finding Friends

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Unit Opener Powerpoint
Submitted by:
Harding EL
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Powerpoint: What is Friendship? from Harding Elementary

Painting Portraits
Submitted by:
Petrina Miller
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For Finding Friends unit opener, I plan to have three stations within my classroom. Station number 1- making friendship bracelets for a classmate. Station #2- journal writing- "My Best friend is____. We like to _____ together". And station number 3, Painting portraits of your best friend. These will be the stations for the morning session and in the afternoon we will be watching a "buddy" movie, Disney's Fox and the Hound is my first choice. This will make a nice introduction to the Finding Friends unit. You could use Finding Nemo as well, since Marlin and Dory have to become good friends to help each other find Nemo, and it also makes a nice connection with Big Al, the read aloud for the first lesson in Unit 3.

Friendship Fruit Salad
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Have children bring in a variety of fruits that are cut into bite size pieces, mix together for a friendship fruit salad.

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