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Kindergarten - School

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School Helpers

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Submitted by Delia Batalla

With a digital camera,take pictures of all school personnel who help run the school (including the teacher). Use a graphic organizer that says "School Helpers" in the middle and place the pictures all around it. Each day discuss how each person helps to run the school (ie. custodian-keeps the school clean). If possible ask that person to come and speak to your class about his/her job.

Being that this is kinder, your students will be meeting these people for the first time.

This is just a twist on the previous idea. After taking digital pictures of school staff, break class into small groups and give each group a couple of the pictures. The groups go on a scavenger hunt to find the person in the picture. Once they find the person, the students take note of where they found the person and what the person was doing and then meet the person. For example, they find the librarian in the library reading books. This works as a school tour idea as well. -Petrina Miller


Submit Unit Opener and Closer Ideas for this Unit

Have children draw a picture of what they look like on the first day of school. Post pictures on C/Q board or around room. After finishing the unit on School store the pictures until the end of the year. On the last day of school have children draw themselves again. Discuss similarities and differences. Then send both pictures home as an end of the year gift.

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