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Kindergarten - Unit 5E - Stick to It

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Several Activities to Conduct for Unit Opener by Bernice Alegria

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Observe Sticking To It by Ranae Hamilton

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When we begin the Stick to it unit, I announce to the children that when I observe them "Sticking to something" or learning a hard thing I will write it on a large popcicle stick and put it on the concept board. Before long they are telling me "Mrs. Hamilton I stuck to it and learned my phone number." etc. It is fun to watch the sticks gather on the board.

Writing Bunny Cakes by Sonia Thacher

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After reading the opening book, Bunny Cakes, I have my students orally brainstorm the kinds of foods THEY would like to buy at the store. Then, I send them to their desks to each make their own grocery list, like in the book. It elicits a lot of "teacher, how do you spell...", and "I don't know how to write...." (and also some surprisingly competent writing from children who independently use writing strategies we haven't taught yet in OCR: I use the list as a writing sample.)

When kids feel like giving up, we talk about how Max tried a lot of different ways to write, and then drew a picture to show what he meant. Then I point out that Ruby's a kid too, but she can write, and she's Max's older sister. We think about how old she might be--maybe 2nd grade or so. We talk about how Ruby learned how to write, and how maybe it was hard at first, but she "stuck to it" and Max can too. I use that as a reminder for why we're at school and what we're learning to do--that we're learning to read and write, so that we can do things like write a grocery list.

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