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General Resources

resources which are not grade-level specific

Available General Open Court Resources:

Additional Literature Recommendations


Blending and Phonics

tips for teaching the Open Court Reading Program

Bookmarks for Strategies

Book Report Template

Book Report Template/Story Elements by Jane Lee
Story Map by Mary Clare Tarpley
Author Study by Mary Clare Tarpley

Classroom Management

Clues, Problems, Wonderings Template by Sahra Sheida

Comprehension & Comprehension Strategies

Common Core

Concept Question Board

Concepts of Print/Book Sense

Parts of a Book Review
Parts of a Book Quiz

Daily Schedules

Decodable Book Activity Sheet

Dictation Paper

Discussion & Handing Off (see comprehension)


Genre Posters

Grammar, Usage and Mechanics

Independent Work Time

Integrating Technology

Literacy Coaching

Literary Elements:

Non-Fiction by Sahra Sheida
Fiction by Sahra Sheida

Literary Genres

Links to Other Curriculum Areas

Other Open Court Sites

Pacing Plans

Parent Introductory Letters

Parent Resources

Parts of Speech

Penmanship/Common Writing Errors by Ms. Ott

Phonics and Blending

Reader's Workshop

Reader's Theater

Recommended Literature

Research Resources

Response to Intervention (RTI) Resources

Routine Cards

Sample Schedules

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Sight Words

SMARTBoard Lesson

Phonics Kit 1 by Cindy Pass

Social Justice and Open Court Curriculum

Sound Spelling Card Activities:

Sound Spelling Card Actions Page 1 | Page 2

Sound/Spelling Review by Kristin Putnam

Spelling Activities


California Standards Posters
Kid-Friendly California Standards
Maryland Standards Alignment

Story Map Template by Kristen Walker

Strategy Posters/Bookmarks/Songs

Thinking Maps

Unit Openers

Unit Specific Resources

Video in the Classroom

Vocabulary Activities/Strategies

Word Knowledge Boards


Writing Resources/Templates

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