Open Court Reading:


General Tips:

Writing Tips by Mathew Needleman

Book Reports:

Book Review Book Report focusing on giving opinions

second page

Kinds of Writing:

Persuasive Writing

Writing Checklists:

Proofreading & Buddy Proofreading Checklists by Regan Kelly

Writing Rubric by Ann Stone

Writing Folders:

Sticker Templates for Each Stage of Writing Process by Mathew Needleman

Explanation of Each Stage of Writing Process by Mathew Needleman

Writing Process:

Writing Process Chart by Mathew Needleman

Structuring a Paragraph Hamburger Style

Writing Process Aligned with 6 Traits by Ann Stone

Writing Powerpoints:

Writing Process Powerpoint by Mathew Needleman

Writing Process Powerpoint (shorter version)

Writer's Workshop by Jamie Getty

Writing Templates:

Dictation Paper

Dictation Paper Alternative View by Shannon

Final Draft Paper with pictures

Final Draft Paper with no picture

Rough Draft/Paragraph Structure Template by Susan Obuchi

Friendly Letter Template One Page | Two Pages by Mathew Needleman

Friendly Letter Template with Parts of Letter Labeled by Michele Han

Interactive Journal Cover by Debbie Goodis

Storyboard Paper

Vocabulary Worksheet Template by Ms. Ott

Writing Rubrics:

Mini Rubric
to cut out and attach to student writing

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