First Grade:
Turtle Words by Week
OCR 2000

Sight Words Aligned with Decodables
and Dolch Word Lists

This list indicates when the high frequency words are first introduced in the decodable books and this coincides with when they appear on the Sight Word Turtles.

However, because I only assign five words for homework each week and sometimes ten or more new words appear in the decodables, sometimes there are words here that are not on the weekly homework sheets. I try to prioritize words and introduce the most important ones first. Those in excess of five per week are assigned on the homework sheets later when there are fewer new words to learn.

You can, however, expect students to learn these words through repeated reading of the decodables and their appearances in dictation and blending. For that reason, they are still included on the sight word turtles.

Turtle Words by Week List

Week One
is on a the

Week Two
in was an

Week Three
what day every special for me I get up and then after where are all will make today

Week Four
his by am can

Week Five
at him not no there with

Week Six
as he but does
big yes
to she put said

Week Seven
would my pull did laugh out here of move help this seven
thing we

Week Eight
do here one two three four five water

Week Nine
oh be
ask away so Mr. lizard little hurray too

Week Thirteen
nothing who

Week Fourteen
into comes if Mrs. tonight

Week Fifteen
why now these through

Week Sixteen
give guess laughter woman

Week Seventeen

Weeks 18-20 (no new words)

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