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Grade 1 - Folktales


Unit Opener Powerpoints:

Elements of Folktales Powerpoint by A. Reyes, Harding Elementary

Movie: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
from Video in the Classroom.com

Unit Opener Ideas:

Cinderella Around the World:
Submitted by:
Catherine McDearmid
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I have a collection of Cinderella stories from around the world. I made a large pink Venn Diagram for this make-believe story of kindness. I made color copies of the main parts of each story, laminated the parts, and applied magnet to the back of each one. After reading a story from around the world, the students place the magnetic story parts to the pink Venn Diagram and we discuss the differences.

It is interesting to see the various "glass slippers" from each story - for example, a boot for The Irish Cinderlad; a sandal from the Chinese version, etc.. Also compare the genres that are humorous, such as, Cinderella Penguin and Cinderella's Rat. I purchased "glass slippers" from a craft store. These are clear plastic ones used for weddings.

Finally, we learn the Box Step for Ballroom Dancing and make an Invitation to the Ball(part of the writing for this story). We play Disney's Cinderella. and the Strauss Festival CD.

Fairy Tale Party
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Here are step by step directions for hosting a fairy tale party which would make a terrific unit opener or closer for the unit. Students can dress up as folktale characters and make invitations in folktale style.

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