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Grade 1
Our Neighborhood at Work


Available Resources for Our Neighborhood At Work Unit:

Additional Literature Recommendations

Blog (tips for teaching the Open Court Reading Program)


I Still Don't Know What I Want To Be
Firefighters Chants

How Do I Use Chants?

Common Core

Concept Question Board

Decodable Book Activities

Discussion Board

Fluency Timer for Mac OS

General Open Court Resources (not grade level specific)

Independent Work Time

Independent Work Time Activities

Independent Work

Integrating Technology:

Google Maps
(allows you to see aerial views of any address in the world)

eBook by Debbie Galindo

Lesson Plans


Literacy Coaches


Parent Resources

Picture Files

Related Open Court Units

Pre-K Helping Hands

Recommended Literature

Response to Intervention (RTI) Resources

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Reading Remedies for iPod/iPad

Fluency Timer for iPhone/iPad

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Unit Openers

Writing Process
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