Unit Openers:

Grade 1 - Unit 1
Look Who's Reading(2000)
Let's Read! (2002)

General Unit Opener Information:

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Powerpoint: Who reads and what we read from Harding Elementary

Unit Opener Ideas:

Connections to Literature

Submitted by Margaret | Submit Your Own Idea

Reading Edward and the Pirates by David McPhail would be super.

Boom Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Submitted by Nancy Oliveira | Submit Your Own Idea

Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault to class. Create a rewrite of poem into an ABC big book (example, A told... and B told... C...I'll meet you at the top of the apple tree). Students decorate a bubble letter to paste on each page: A is for animals (paste animal pictures on bubble letter.

Environmental Print

Submitted by Mathew Needleman | Submit Your Own Idea

Bring in environmental print like the "cheerios" label from the cheerios box, McDonald's wrappers, target ads, etc... and ask the students to read them.

They will, of course, be able to to proving that yes, they are indeed already readers. Add this environmental print to the Concept/Question Board.

Concepts of Print

Submitted by Lisa | Submit Your Own Idea

We discuss the big book and talk about the cover, title page, table of contents, spine. Then the students create their own book and label the parts. We use this for the all about me book.

Thinking Maps

Submitted by Claudia Sanchez | Submit Your Own Idea

review the importance of reading
circle map on things we can read
introduce fluency and model fluent reading
guest reader

Create A Book Cover

Submitted by Mayra | Submit Your Own Idea

Every student was able to choose one of their favorite books and make a book jacket and they ended up being the border for our C/Q board.

Turn Off the Lights

Submitted by S. Marie Davis | Submit Your Own Idea

As part of the Unit Opener or Closer, bring in flashlights, turn off the lights, and let students read with a partner. They love it! The students love to bring in their flashlights from home.

We're Reading

Submitted by Iliana | Submit Your Own Idea

I take pictures of the students reading books on the first day. Then, we interactively write captions for the pictures and post them on the concept/question board.

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