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Weather Video
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Sabrina Mack
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I streamed one of the Weather videos from
The graphics were great, and the students were mesmerized. Our Word Bank overflowed with "weather" words. A 30 day free video is available. You can download the video in that time.

Alternatively, teachers can videotape weather reports from the weather channel. After recording about an hour, a teacher will have just about all weather conditions imaginable.

Poetry and Descriptive Words
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I found an old tape of Listen to the Rain by Bill Martinand Jim Archembault.

Turned down the lights and listened to it and then brainstormed great juicy
words for rainy days... pitter patter, rainy, puddly, muddy, tapping, tip tapping, ...
whispering, etc... a whole chart paper full... they loved it.

Then they wrote a poem titled "Rain" or their own version of the title...

To write the poem, I used an idea a colleague had given me. They wrote their
favorite descriptive words for rain on white constuction paper raindrops I had cut out
for them. Then they glued them onto a full piece of blue construction paper that they had already glued a big cut out umbrella onto...

So they wrote the title "Rain" on the big umbrella, and could read the descriptive words
off the 4-5 raindrops... and then read the title again... They were so proud when it
sounded like a poem.

a sample would be...


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